Thursday, 4 October 2007

Mish Mash 23 - Rozi Plain

Mish Mash was graced by Fence Records' Rozi Plain ( this evening. There's not much i can say other than that her music is beautiful.
  1. The New Pornographers – Challenger
  2. Alexander Thomas – On Amber Eels
  3. Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea
  4. The Beatnik Filmstairs – Wing Off A Plane
  5. Matmos – Banquet For King Ludwig II Of Bavaria
  6. Joy Division – Decades
  7. Rozi Plain - Marsupials (Live in session)
  8. The Delgados – Everything Goes Around The Water
  9. Rozi Plain – Days, Minutes (Live in session)
  10. Roots Manuva – Yellow Submarine
  11. Elliott Smith – New Disaster
  12. Rozi Plain – Let’s Go (Live in session)
  13. Rozi Plain – No One Else (Live in session)
  14. Plaid & Grandmaster Flash - Scorpio
  15. The Dynamites – Hello Mother

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