Thursday, 24 May 2007

Mish Mash 9 - The Venn Festival Special

Tonight The Heath Robinson ( was live in session. He was also pre-recorded in session as his song 'Sick Of Love' burst unannounced through the airwaves, much to everyone's pleasant surprise.

Allthe artists featured (apart from The Heath Robinson) are on the bill of Venn Festival 2007 (, which will run from Thursday 31st May to Sunday 3rd June.

Here come the tunes:

  1. Bronnt Industries Kapital - Knights Of Vipco
  2. Faust - Giggy Smile
  3. Helena Gough - Yolk
  4. Sleeping States - Don't Make Me Over
  5. The Heath Robinson - The Lovesong Of H P Lovecraft [LIVE IN SESSION]
  6. A Hawk And A Hacksaw And The Hun Hangar Ensemble - Vajdaszentivany
  7. Thee, Stranded Horse - Churning Strides
  8. Paavoharju - Aamuauringon Tunluinen
  9. Low & Springheel Jack - Bombscare
  10. The Heath Robinson - The Clifton Hunt [LIVE IN SESSION]
  11. Ghostigital ft. Mark E Smith - Not Clean
  12. The Heath Robinson - Sick of love (ft Sally Dahl) [NOT LIVE IN SESSION]
  13. Adrian Orange – (as yet untitled)
  14. Freeze Puppy - Scissors

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